March 1-29
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12: Why You Don’t Have What You Want

Goals are powerful because they give you the direction, clarity, and focus to thrive in life. Yet many people struggle to make consistent progress, follow through on their tasks, or reach any of their objectives despite their best effort. But often, there’s something deeper holding them back from achieving their visions.

In today’s episode, Kathleen breaks down one of the major factors contributing to unachieved goals; buffering, and gives a clear roadmap that will allow us to feel and attain what we ache for. PS: There’s a special announcement inside, you don’t want to miss it!

Tune in as Kathleen shares about:

  • The amazing community she is working to create soon for women
  • The shield we create against uncomfortable emotional and psychological experiences
  • Why we buffer
  • Ways in which we buffer and why it makes one less likely to take action

… and so much more!


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Life is too short to be unhappy at work.

But fear shows up and stops you from even allowing yourself to make a change.

Fear of disappointment. “I’ll apply for the dream job and I won’t get it”

Fear of failure. “There’s so much on the line” and “I’ll get overwhelmed and won’t be able to do it”.

That’s when your brain gives you all the reasons why you can’t even consider what your dream job and life could look like.

Manage Your Fear will show you how to move past your fear so you can actually get started on exploring the possibilities available to you.

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