March 1-29
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Midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis

What if, instead, it were an opportunity to do “that thing” that you’ve always wanted to do? That thing that really lights you on fire. It’s never too late. Your dream job is waiting.


Real Clients

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I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I'm most impressed by how well-curated the group is and how each individual seems to have something to learn and something to give. It's a sort of community that generates the entire group’s advancement. Even high-performers need coaching to stretch themselves.
Jewel Smay
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Who do you want to be? I’m so grateful that Dr. Young asked me this hugely important question. When I actually stopped to think about my true answer to this simple question, I regained control of my path and gained the confidence to move forward. This one question has sparked a cascade of life-changing events.
Anna C
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This group program has made it easier to accept myself as I am now and take action in the face of difficult situations. Being supported - and held accountable- by a community of people with similar struggles has made it easier to accept myself as I am now and take action in the face of difficult situations.
Lauren Hoefle
I was you

I see you because I was you

After 15 years in clinical practice as a psychiatrist, I knew I wanted a change, but I was worried about leaving behind the security of an established medical practice. I was worried about how I would support my family. I worried that people would think I was being irresponsible – that I was having a midlife crisis.

When I was finally willing to admit that I wanted more in my life

everything changed

I allowed myself to explore all the possibilities without immediately dismissing them, and I was able to make the changes I needed to be happy.

Now I have two jobs I love – midlife coach and psychiatrist – which is something I never would have believed was possible.

You can have a career you love too.

It doesn’t take a crisis.

You just have to be honest about what you want, allow yourself to dream, and learn how to manage your fear.

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You're not alone

in whatever’s showing up for you in midlife

That’s what we talk about on the podcast…

Download your copy of Manage Your Fear

Life is too short to be unhappy at work.

But fear shows up and stops you from even allowing yourself to make a change.

Fear of disappointment. “I’ll apply for the dream job and I won’t get it”

Fear of failure. “There’s so much on the line” and “I’ll get overwhelmed and won’t be able to do it”.

That’s when your brain gives you all the reasons why you can’t even consider what your dream job and life could look like.

Manage Your Fear will show you how to move past your fear so you can actually get started on exploring the possibilities available to you.

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