March 1-29
Friendship Accelerator Challenge

14: How to Get Out of Your Way with Kimberly Page

The world has many people who will stand in your way if you let them. Sometimes, you’re even the person in the way. You don’t have to block yourself, though. You can be the reason all of your dreams come true. 

In today's episode, Kathleen is joined by Kimberly Page, a solopreneur who helps clients and their parents live high-quality, secure lives. Having worked in the federal government for the longest time, Kimberly wasn’t so sure whether leaving her job was the best decision. So at the beginning of February 2019, she took a break for a whole year to figure out what she wanted. It is during this time that she lost her father and the sequence of events affirmed her decision to help others prepare for the transition that comes with the loss of a parent.  

Kimberly is also the host of the Only Child Problems podcast, where she discusses ways to create and maintain a prosperous, healthy life for yourself while adequately preparing for your parents’ lives at retirement and beyond.

Tune in as Kathleen and Kimberly talk about:

  • The upheavals in her previous career and how she got the courage to walk away
  • Why people prefer “stable” jobs and why the jobs aren’t what they seem
  • The growth of her business and why she’s happy about the decision she made
  • Setting boundaries on your support system
  • Getting rid of the urge to first get assurance of things going well and just putting yourself out there
  • Overcoming our fear of judgment and playing small

… and so much more! 


To connect with Kimberly:

Email: kimberlypage@kpageconsulting

Podcast: Only Child Problems 

Facebook: KPage Consulting


To connect with Kathleen:



FB: drkathleenyoung.coaching

IG: drkathleenyoung.coaching

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