March 1-29
Friendship Accelerator Challenge

19: Navigating Conflict in Friendships

You hurt my feelings. These are just four simple words, yet so uncomfortable to utter to platonic friends as an adult. And inasmuch as conflicts in friendships are inevitable, navigating them in our adulthood (where there's a need for time and energy to build and maintain friendships) can give you a migraine.

Join Kathleen in today’s episode as she avails tips on how to navigate conflict in friendships, and how to build and maintain genuine, open, and deep platonic relationships with intimacy.

Tune in as she shares about:

  • Why adult friendships are complicated especially among women
  • If putting time and effort into friendships comes at the expense of romantic partners 
  • Normalizing conflicts in platonic relationships
  • The discomfort that comes with building intimacy in non-romantic relationships
  • When to bring up things when they occur and when you should let go
  • Golden nuggets on how you can navigate conflicts in friendships

…and so much!

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FB: drkathleenyoung. coaching

IG: drkathleenyoung. coaching


Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make–and Keep–Friends by Marisa G Franco 

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