March 1-29
Friendship Accelerator Challenge

20: What’s the ‘Why’ in Your Story? with Jonathan Swain

What breathes life into you? What is it that you crave for more from life than mere survival? Opportunities are always there, and it's all just a matter of looking back into your life, and figuring out your why (while extending yourself some grace) because there's no predefined pathway for this discovery.

In today's episode, Kathleen is joined by Jonathan Swain (the first male guest on our show!). Mr. Swain is the President and Principal of Kimbark Beverage Shoppe and Eat Drink and Be Events. His 20-year professional career spans various disciplines;  law, business, government, and non-profit arenas. 

Tune in as Jonathan helps you get powered by a clear purpose and stretch as much as you would love to.

Tune in as Kathleen and Jonathan speak about:

  • The richness of experiences we get from our social
  • Finding himself questioning his prestigious course and how he went about it
  • Jonathan's phases of his career journey
  • His perspective of life as a ball in three different jars
  • The importance of approaching every opportunity with the right mindset 
  • Finding his way and the hardest hurdles he came across
  • The need for deep self-reflection, recognition, and acknowledging the truth about how you feel about yourself.
  • How to stay grounded while being highly visible out in the world

…and so much more!

To connect with Jonathan:

LinkedIn: Jonathan Swain

To connect with Kathleen:



FB: drkathleenyoung. coaching

IG: drkathleenyoung. coaching

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