March 1-29
Friendship Accelerator Challenge

23: Why We Aren’t Asking for Help

More often than not, high-achieving black women wear the armor of everything being okay as a response to negative life experiences. And unfortunately, most keep this facade up until it’s too late. But it’s okay not to be okay! It’s totally okay to be vulnerable and openly express your innermost feelings. 

In today’s episode, Kathleen addresses the high-achieving woman. If you forget everything else you hear, she wants you to understand that it’s human to not be okay, and more humane to share how you feel. Consider this episode a wake-up call to embrace self-compassion and ask for help 

Tune in as Kathleen shares about:

  • Why suicide has become a rampant response to loneliness and hopelessness
  • Debunk the perspective of viewing high-achieving black women as strong, angry, or stoic
  • Why do some people come across as mean and disinterested as a response to trauma and negative life experiences
  • Why  high achieving black women feel invisible and undervalued 
  • Putting an end to black women rescuing and caring for people but doing it minimally for themselves
  • Creating safety for yourself as a high-achieving Black woman
  • How to let your guard down, embrace your flaws, and practice vulnerability

…and so much more! 

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Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make–and Keep–Friends by Marisa G Franco 

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