March 1-29
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4: There is no Perfectionism When it Comes to Money with Dr. Latifat Akintade

We all experience the human phenomenon that our brain creates as a way of protecting us – the scarcity mindset. While we may have various reasons that justify our scarcity mindset, the bottom line is that we all have a human brain. And the beauty about it is that we can always change our perception.

In today's episode, Kathleen is joined by Dr. Latifat Akintade, a  practicing Gastroenterologist, money coach, and the creator and founder of the MoneyFitMD platform which includes a money school for women physicians and a podcast. Dr. Akintade’s goal is to help women Physicians grow from being financially overwhelmed to being financially confident so that they can achieve financial peace of mind.

Tune in as she shares tips on how to create a  rewarding mindset and a confident relationship with money. 

Tune in as Kathleen and Dr. Akintade talk about:

  • How Dr. Akintade got into money 
  • Separating financial facts and stories
  • Getting rid of the stories we create due to our scarcity mindset
  • Her Aha moment on money and how she got her money mindset together
  • The rewards of transitioning from ‘we don't have’ to ‘how can we' mindset 

… and so much more! 


To connect with Dr. Akintade:


Podcast: MoneyFitMd 

Email Dr.Akintade:  

Instagram: @moneyfitmd


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FB: drkathleenyoung.coaching

IG: drkathleenyoung.coaching

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